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Introducing Sweet Maple (formally The Sweet Maple Singers), an alternative folk ensemble that embodies creativity and authenticity with a touch of the absurd. With a fusion of traditional tunes, modern covers, and irresistibly melodic originals, Sweet Maple's music is a journey from the roots of tradition to the heights of contemporary expression. Comprising of four quirky characters, Sweet Maple is a band that has played stages across the Eastern United States, from lively music festivals to the whimsical realm of Faerie and Renaissance fairs, and intimate venues alike. Their driving, acoustic arrangements, infused with electrified touches, paint a captivating picture of sound. Not afraid to delve into controversial political subjects, Sweet Maple's lyrics are as thought-provoking as they are melodic. Winners of a Couples Choice award from WeddingWire and armed with a new album, Sweet Maple isn't just a band; they're a ensemble of passionate, music-loving souls spreading joy and sparking conversations one chord at a time.


Jasper Night

// Vocals


Introducing Jasper Night, one of the voices behind Sweet Maple's music. Influenced by 70s folk icons like Peter, Paul, & Mary and The Carpenters, as well as the electro pop sounds of obscure gems like Prozzak and Chumbawamba, Jasper always has a unique treat to share when it comes to music.


Despite facing the challenges of multiple chronic illnesses and conditions, which have indefinitely halted her ability to use her pedal harp, Jasper's perseverance to continue performing and following her dreams remains unyielding. 


Jasper's path has been guided by a relentless pursuit of compassion and heartfelt expression. After her serendipitous encounter with her now husband Robbie Mann back in 2016, with whom she co-founded Sweet Maple, Jasper has dedicated her life to the pursuit of her dream of performing music with him.


As Jasper continues to navigate the twists and turns of her musical adventures with all of life’s tribulations, her unwavering passion and boundless creativity serve as a reminder that the power of music transcends all boundaries, offering solace, healing, and a glimpse into the magic of the human spirit.


“Sometimes it’s really hard. If my fibromyalgia or endometriosis is acting up on the day of a show, or the days leading up to show that I need to prep for because we’re traveling, it is really, really difficult. 


I’ve had seizures right before shows. I’ve had seizures in the middle of shows. I’ve had seizures towards the end of a shows that I then couldn’t finish, but performing brings me too much joy, so I'm not going to stop. I’ve already lost so much to my disabilities that I’m not going to let it take this from me. 


Words can’t even describe how grateful I am for my husband and to have such a great group. I could not do this without all of them. I hope that the success of our band continues to grow so I can keep doing this, and I hope someday that I can fully heal from my chronic illnesses.”

Robbie Mann

// Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals, & Mandolin


Robbie Mann shares knowledge of the history and content of Appalachia’s musical culture through storytelling, sharing personal experiences, and playing songs and tunes from the hills
and hollers with anyone willing to listen. In addition to passing along what has been learned about music from Appalachia’s past, Robbie will take you on a journey through time by discussing how mountain music developed over the centuries, the influences it had towards and received from other genres of music, and its relevance today.


When Robbie was six years old, his mother asked him if he wanted to study piano or violin. He said,“Violin, because you can’t carry around a piano.” Over two decades later and he hasn’t put the fiddle down since, having built his life around the instrument while holding Old-Time and Traditional Bluegrass
nearest to his heart. Robbie is also fond of Classical, Big Band and Jazz, Blues, and Rock’n’Roll.


Matthew Kerns

// Guitar, Mandolin, & Vocals


Multi-instrumentalist and folklorist, Matt Kerns, first calloused his fingers on the mandolin and guitar in the swampy heat of Savannah, Georgia. A sojourner by trade, Kerns traveled the South and honed his craft along the banks of the Arkansas River and in the hollows of the Ozark Mountains.


Kerns journeyed back across the Appalachians and found himself washed up along the shores of the Susquehanna River where the merry musicians of the Sweet Maple Singers adopted him into the quartet. 

Matt Miller

// Upright Bass


Retired astronaut and NBA hall of famer Matt Miller plays bass, because he likes it. 


Raised on a diet of wholesome folk music, he now listens to all kinds of traditional & roots music from around the globe, because he likes it.  Ranging from punk to jazz to bluegrass and lots in between, he's performed with various projects in Central PA for 25 years, because he likes it.  

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