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Introducing "Hello Again," the latest musical project from Sweet Maple.

At the heart of "Hello Again" lies a passionate outcry against the perils of fracking, infringing on women’s rights, and war woven into the fabric of original compositions. 

Yet, amidst the weighty subject matter, "Hello Again" also offers moments of pure musical joy by sprinkling a few beloved tunes, carefully selected by the band, inviting listeners to reminisce and rejoice in the timeless beauty of the music.

With each track, we’ve poured our passion and creativity into this compilation. "Hello Again" is more than just an album—it's a testament to our perseverance and will to inspire, provoke, and uplift. We hope you enjoy our new sound.

"Autumn to May" is a collective of some of our favorite songs produced when the band was still brand new. Live studio recorded, "Autumn to May" is an album featuring Jasper Night, Dr. Fiddle, & John Devine recorded by Jonathan Zeppa.

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